The Point Of No Return

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"The Point Of No Return" is a work that uses beautiful visualizations to represent a sensible topic like climate change."

Exploring official data

Climate change is an increasingly significant phenomenon and it’s likely to become irreversible. In this website, we analyzed how the international community is acting to mitigate the human component on this phenomenon and to help various countries hit by the effects of climate change adapt in the best way possible. We follow the history of international meetings, and we analyze the vulnerability to the effects of climate change, and how ready the world’s countries are.

Diving into the web: "The Trump Effect on Climate Change"

Climate change is a topic that was vastly discussed through the years all around the world. The international discussion revolved around meetings and conferences, but in the last two years the figure of Donald Trump rose and questioned many of the last events revolving around climate change. Did Donald Trump’s election had an impact on the discussion around the human causes on climate change and on the international debate about the topic?

Visualisation for advocacy: "The Trump Effect on Climate Change"

What is the biggest threat? A scientific phenomenon that can appear distant and far away, or its negation and the negation of international cooperation? The exhibition showcases the results of the research on the topic of climate change, during the last weeks of the American 45th Presidential Elections. Donald Trump appeared as one of the most influential actors in the discussion, and his opinions on the topic of climate change were highly discussed by online news outlets in the United States.


Valeria Aufiero
Andrea Benedetti
Alessia Bissolotti
Simone Costagliola
Beatrice Gobbo

The Point of No Return

The Trump Effect on Climate Change

The Biggest Threat