What Humankind Leaves Behind

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Infopoetry (info+poetry)

Data visualizations that use rhetorics and other poetic devices to create empathy and to tell stories.

This artefact represents the impact that humankind has had in space around Earth. Each piece of tinfoil represents 10 debris pieces generated by man in the Earth’s Low Orbit, for 13 hundreds little pieces.

The tinfoil is applied on a stellar map, as we see them from the surface of our planet: for the observers, space junks obstructs the view of the starred sky. The aim is to create the want to remove the tinfoil in order to see the stars.

Tinfoil is the perfect material to simulate residues of satellites and spacecrafts that remained in orbit and that speed through space.


Work by Andrea Benedetti

Source: NASA Orbital Debris Quarterly News, July 2010