Annamaria, sempre vestita di nero

The project is the animation of a single quote of 500 characters from a book, in this case "Lessico del Cinema Italiano" by Roberto de Gaetano, a collection of essays about italian cinema.

The video needed to follow to strict rules: using only typographic shapes and using only black and white in the animation. The quote was chosen with these limits in mind: it talks about how in a movie from the '60s in a certain set of scene the color is used as if the movie was black and white.

The animation is divided in two parts: the first, where Annamaria's character is shown, represented only by the letter A and in the scenarios described in the quote, and the second, where a series of concepts about the use of color are represented with the use of certain kinetisms and the alternation of black and white.

Work by Andrea Benedetti

Quote from
Lessico del cinema italiano, curated by Roberto De Gaetano

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